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    Forex Signal Providers

    Many people get attracted to forex trading as they search for growth outside the equity or property markets. Some investors who have share trading experience may find it easy to transition to foreign exchange trading.


    Using forex signal providers is another way to help you navigate the multi-trillion-dollar global forex market. 

    A forex signal provider can help you identify potential trade opportunities. They do this by sending out regular trade alerts generated using their trading systems. Usually, the trade setups or forex alerts will include the entry and exit points for particular currency pairs.

    In this article, we will look at the different types of forex signal providers and consider the benefits of using them to help you with your trading.

    Who are the forex signal providers?

    Nowadays, finding a forex signal provider is quite easy as you can do a quick search online that will generate a list to choose from.

    The challenge for you as a trader is to pick one that will suit your trading style and strategy. Like stock recommendation services, forex signal providers have their own analysis style.

    They may range from companies that specialise in generating automated FX signals or a boutique operation run by professional FX traders. And there are also individual forex traders who may be willing to share their trading system by providing a forex signal service.

    Paid or free forex signal?

    Another way to classify forex signal providers is by grouping them according to whether they are:

    • Free forex signal providers – Usually these providers offer only basic information about a currency pair and not much else. Their trade idea may be to go long GBP/USD and often focus on trading breakouts at key trading levels. Often these signals are some distance away from the current market action and rarely get triggered.
    • Paid forex signal providers – This group usually deliver signals that are more detailed and actionable with specific entry and exit points and time frames. Paid signals are usually backed by teams of professional traders or generated using automated forex trading systems.

    So, it will be wise for you to do your homework, evaluate and maybe go for a trial period before you commit to any forex signal provider.

    Benefits of using a forex signal provider

    Whether you’re new to trading or have been trading the forex market for a long time, you may still benefit from using a forex signal service.

    Here are some of the benefits you may get:

    It saves you time – Using the signals sent by a forex signal provider can help you get into live trading in no time. This is because most of the forex trading alerts have actionable information such as entry and exit points and stop loss levels.

    If you’re relatively new to trading, using an FX signal service may serve a double purpose of allowing you to get exposure to the markets by using the trade alerts/signals as well as learning about how the markets work in the process.

    It identifies more opportunities – If you are an active trader with several years of experience, using the services of a forex signal provider gives you additional access to trading opportunities you may not have identified yourself. Given the global FX market is the largest and most liquid of the financial markets in the world, it provides numerous and ongoing trading opportunities.

    However, keeping track of those opportunities and identifying which ones may offer the most potential can be difficult, particularly if you are trading on your own.

    By using a forex trading signal provider who has access to trading systems and better tracking and market analysis, you can benefit from their methodology and gain access to more trading opportunities.


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