About Us

Solid money management strategies and a stable trading psychology can be a powerful combination for trading success.

At Walker Capital, our investment philosophy is founded on time-tested money management strategies that captures market opportunities while managing the risks during volatile market cycles.

With almost 10 years of market experience trading currencies (forex) and contract for difference (CFD), our investment team have developed strategies based on financial research and actual time in the markets.

This means we have done the hard work for you. You save time, money and effort knowing that our investment and trading decisions are backed by solid statistical analysis and financial modelling.

As we aim to deliver positive results for you and your portfolio, we conduct ongoing monitoring and enhancement to our investment strategies. This ensures a level of control and flexibility required when you’re trading a dynamic market.

Walker Capital is an accredited and recognised as a corporate member of the Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP).


The Team

Michael Walker leads the investment team at Walker Capital.

As the Investment Manager and Head Trader, Michael draws on his more than 8-years of experience trading derivatives including forex (foreign exchange) and CFDs.

His personal trading strategy has provided the core for Walker Capital’s flagship investment approaches. Michael’s technical understanding and systematic processes became the cornerstone of the structure and design of his trading strategy.

Prior to making his trading strategy available to investors – both private, high-net worth and institutional investors – Michael has designed and built tradingstats.com – a statistical analysis tool for forex traders that connects to over 200 brokers worldwide.

Walker Capital has a number of professional traders and analysts which form part of the team.