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Everything You Need To Know About The ASX Sharemarket Game

In today’s technology-driven world there is greater access to financial trading platforms to anyone with a tax file number and access the Internet. Gone are the days of only stockbrokers and traders having access to the platforms, these days anyone and everyone can access the markets thanks to programs such as the ASX Sharemarket Game.

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With the finite nature of the trades on the financial markets and the heavy losses that can be incurred by inexperienced traders, there is a demand for investment education for newcomers to this exciting area. To make the process of investing a little more transparent and understandable, brokers and the ASX have created education portals for individuals looking for self-educate opportunities for investment.

With a wide array of instructional videos, webinars, workshops, online courses, books, blogs and more, it can be a challenge for first-time investors to work out where to start.

As the platform and market on which all shares – and a wide array of other financial products - in publicly listed companies and funds are bought and sold, the ASX has a wide array of educational materials available.

The most unique and important for new and existing investors is the ASX Sharemarket Game. The ASX Sharemarket Game allows for investors to learn about investing, buying& selling shares, how to create a share portfolio, lessons on testing strategies and offers the opportunity to win prizes[1]!

While putting your own money into a portfolio may put your funds at risk, the ASX Sharemarket Game is ideal for navigating around the sharemarket, setting up a portfolio, actively managing a portfolio plus testing out your strategies and knowledge.

The ASX Sharemarket Game also allows individuals to compete against a wide range of other players for cash prizes, all while learning and having fun a lot the way.

How does the ASX Sharemarket Game work?

With a pool of $50,000 virtual cash, you can buy and sell shares in 200+ nominated companies listed on the ASX using the live prices, with registered users ‘charged’ a brokerage fee on each trade. This simulation in the ASX Sharemarket Game allows users to experience real sharemarket conditions[2].

Individuals can implement strategies to create stop losses to protect a portfolio, all the while testing the users knowledge and upgrading investment knowledge along the way. The ASX Sharemarket Game is ideal for anyone wanting to get acquainted with the sharemarket, but not ready to step into the real market.

Unlike the real financial market, in the ASX Sharemarket Game you are not personally exposed to any risk or any personal financial implications – except if you win, then you are exposed to winning cash!

Meanwhile, as a trader on the ASX Sharemarket Game you can up skill, educate and prepare for a stronger financial future once you trade under conditions where only virtual currency is exposed.

With two games running each year, individuals interested in taking part shouldregister and start working through a few other ASX books and online training courses and get ready for the game to begin.



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