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    CPA Affiliate - Refer new clients and earn


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    Partner with Walker Capital. Earn more?

    Walker Capital values relationships with our Partners and the business they generate. We offer our partners a high CPA referral, exceptional support and a reason for clients to Invest with us.

    Walker Capital’s CPA Affiliate program is designed for everyone from education providers and Forex specialists through to affiliate networks, email marketing and social media and digital marketing experts. We work with you by giving you access to marketing material, tracking systems, and reporting with the aim of giving you the competitive advantage you deserve.

    You only provide a lead of an interested party and Walker Capital’s in house staff who hold appropriate industry qualifications communicate with the applicant and work on closing the lead.

    Affiliate Program

    • Hybrid payout (CPA)
    • Banners
    • Reporting Tools
    • Media Tool  



    What we offer our Partners

    • Advanced Tracking
    • Multi Step Goals
    • Get paid for each step of a lead
    • Support
    • Support Manager
    • Reporting
    • Analytics
    • Resources 


    CPA Affiliates.

    As a Walker Capital Affiliate you have access to a unique commission structure that reward you unlike any other.



    Get paid for every step of your leads’ progress. With a rebate structure that is designed to meet the needs of our CPA Affiliate’s your efforts will be rewarded. Drive your marketing further, get a higher return on investment and instant rebates as your leads progress through the signup process. Walker Capital’s CPA affiliate program is designed for digital marketers who wish to earn a flat commission fee for every active investor they refer.


    Commission Tier per client

    Referral amount up to 5% of deposit. Please refer to terms and conditions all amounts listed are in AUD* and Goal amounts may vary based on current offer’s.