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Managed Investment Targeting 20% net Return

Finally, Managed Investments uncorrelated to the market targeting 20% net returns*

Managed Investments

* For Additional Explanations of Fees and Costs please refer to FSG.


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Example: Let’s say we achieve a target net return** of 20%. Every $30,000 you invest with us could turn into $36,000

** Net Returns are after deduction of fees

That’s a bold claim, we know. Especially in a financial climate where stocks are teetering at all-time highs… Property prices in Australia seem out of control…

And there’s more debt in the global financial system than at any other time in history. Which is why we’re glad you’ve landed on our page today.

Because you have every reason to worry about your money in 2018.

In fact, you SHOULD. Now, more than ever, economic conditions demand that you put your money in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time.

For Additional Explanations of Fees and Costs please refer to FSG.
Walker Capital’s Investment Strategies target net returns of 20% p.a *

Walker Capital’s Investment Strategies target net returns of 20% p.a *

*For Additional Explanations of Fees and Costs please refer to FSG.

Our team of veteran traders, analysts and investment managers have a single goal:

Protecting and growing your wealth regardless of the challenges and threats out there in the wider economy. 

But when you consider that with a targeted net return of 20% a year… We’re not exaggerating one bit when we say that:

assuming we achieve 30% net return each year

Assuming we achieve 20% net return each year and you park $30,000 with us for two years, you’d have $43,200

How can we do that? There’s a huge amount of calculation, strategy and consultation that goes on behind the scenes here at Walker Capital. You don’t have all day.

So rather than try to explain it all here, we invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute Investment Strategy call with us. You can do that by clicking the button below right now.





Here are the basic principles of how we can grow your wealth

When you invest with Walker Capital, you’re not parking money with some faceless corporate fund management firm. We’re not an offshoot of any of the big banks.

We’re authorised investment managers who take the same care of your wealth as we do our own. Here’s a snapshot of what our Managed Investment service offers you…

  • Turn market volatility to your advantage: We use a mix of fundamental and technical trading to target positive return in a rising AND falling market
  • Access your account online any time: The online portal lets you log in to check on your money — and our performance — any time you please.
  • A segregated client trust account: Your funds are in a segregated client trust account with a reputable Australian bank (any time you want to withdraw them, simply let us know).


Here’s what Walker Capital can GUARANTEE for your wealth…

As an investor, you know there’s no such thing as a guarantee. Markets rise and fall. Billions are being made and lost around the world as you read this. So we’ll never promise you we can make you rich beyond measure.

But we DO promise that we will work hard for you… and care for your wealth like it’s our own – actively looking for opportunities to profit no matter what the markets throw at you.

Here’s what Walker Capital can GUARANTEE for your wealth…

Get access to this Investment

Right now you can talk to us about your wealth and investment goals free of charge. Of course, we can only provide general advice and can’t offer tailored, specific financial advice on this free strategy session — that’s the law.

But we WILL openly discuss performance, risks, strategies — and you can ask us as many questions as you please. Simply enter your details in the form and submit.