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    Investment Ideas for Australians

    Australians are very open to the idea of being able to grow their wealth through investments. A study done by the Australian Stock Exchange suggests that 37% of Australian adults invest on a securities exchange and that on-exchange investments are more common than cash or property.

    Australians are open to the idea of outlaying risk to get a return. But the mindset in 2018 is more about finding the right investment managers who can minimise the risk while still providing an excellent opportunity for profit.

    Let’s take a look at a few of the traditional investment options and consider some of the best investment ideas for Australians in 2018.


    Investments Properties

    It is hard to deny the love of property and home ownership among working Australian families. In addition to their principal place of residence, many Australians bought investment properties, which fuelled one of the biggest rises in capital values across all major cities.

    Many experts are starting to suggest the property market is overheated in Australia. In fact, as of October 2018, property prices in Sydney had fallen 6.5 per cent over the past year.

    With interest-only loans now limited to 30 per cent of new mortgages generated and tighter lending restrictions for all, there is no doubt property prices are starting to feel the pinch.


    Managed Funds – Equity-Focused

    Another investment vehicle popular among Australian investors are managed share funds.

    Managed funds are where you place your funds with some other investors, and collectively, an investment manager or management team will invest those funds on behalf of the entire pool.

    Managed funds investing in the share market are often considered one of the lower risk investment opportunities. But the upside potential can be limited, especially for those who are looking for a strategically-managed aggressive approach.

    Managed funds fall into the ‘passive investing’ approach. The Investment teams’ main goal is to generate returns similar to the index it is tracking, such as the Australian 200 index.


    Self-Directed Investing

    Another method for those looking to increase their opportunity for higher returns is to invest by choosing stocks by themselves.

    This can often lead to greater returns but can take years of dedication, training and mentoring to get to a level of challenging the returns demonstrated by professional traders and investors.


    Professional Managed Investments using Active Investing or Trading

    One of the most popular methods in 2018 is for those who spend less time finding their investments and more time finding their preferred investment managers.

    Savvy traders know the dedication and time taken to create trading systems which have an edge.

    But nearly every person knows their investment risk profile, their timeframe for holding and their yearly expectations.

    Once you have these basic criteria, your job now becomes one of finding an investment manager who has the proven track record to manage risk and build trading systems that fit within your criteria.

    Instead of finding a manager who is trying to match a slow-moving index, you now focus on finding those who have excellent risk management systems in place with potential returns that suit you.

    Not only does this help you achieve your financial objectives, but you get to leverage a professional’s time, expertise and their investment team.

    We welcome you to give our team a call to discuss your investment goals and objectives.

    You can call Walker Capital Australia on +61 2 8076 2210, and we’ll see how we can help you achieve your investment goals.

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