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    The Facts - Managed Discretionary Accounts Australia

    As the Australian market becomes increasingly volatile, Australia property prices in the major capital cities have been experiencing drops from their 2017 record prices, especially in the markets of Sydney (-13.9%) and Melbourne (-10.7%) which eclipse the house price falls recorded during the 1989-1991 recession[1].

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    This coupled with global market insecurities and the potential for Brexit to collapse, leaving the European markets in turmoil, means investors are looking to capitalise upon market opportunities in these challenging times for many – but often don’t have the time nor the know-how to do so.

    Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia allow for investments to be managed on behalf of clients, at the discretion of the account manager or trader. That means that Australian investors are able to invest their funds – usually $250,000 or more – into accounts that they effectively sign to be actively managed by a third-party manager.

    These managed discretionary account (MDA) providers must now have an Australian financial services (AFS) licence with an MDA-specific ‘dealing by issue’ licence authorisation[2]. In addition to holding an Australian Financial Services licence the managers operate under the ASIC Regulatory Guide 179: Managed discretionary accounts, meaning that account holders are protected against improper behaviour by managers by the full force of the law in regards to their Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia.

    For this reason, holding a Managed Discretionary Accounts outside of Australia can often lead to regulatory and compliance issues, as opposed to enjoying the protection afforded from such accounts managed from within our shores.

    Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia offer investors the opportunity to own a range of financial assets including Australian & international shares, bonds, currencies, derivatives, and ETF’s - meaning basically most available financial instruments are all under one account.

    Unlike many funds, rather than pooling the money of multiple investors or handing the money to someone else to manage under another name – such as that of the fund – all the funds are traded under your details (as the investor) your HIN number, and there is no one else’s capital moving in and out of the account which can have a bearing on your income tax levels at the end of each financial year.

    Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia offer high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors a passive investment structure, while their money is actually being actively invested and managed through qualified and expert professionals.

    With a wide range of providers of Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia such as BT Financial, Platinum Asset Management, Elston, Harbourside Capital and Walker Capital, it is paramount that as an investor you seek out the investment manager that best aligns to your personalfinancial strategy.

    Once you have established your goals and set the parameters of the Managed Discretionary Account, you can sign the contract and leave your manager to take care of your investment each and every day – and continue doing what you do best.

    Essentially a financial product for those people who want to ensure their financial security, seek opportunities to profit or hedge their portfolios, Managed Discretionary Accounts in Australia provide flexibility and accountability with professionals tasked to drive your money harder.



    We welcome you to give our team a call to discuss your investment goals and objectives.

    You can call Walker Capital Australia on +61 2 8076 2210, and we’ll see how we can help you achieve your investment goals.

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