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    Prop Trading Internship

    Whenever a graduate or university student is looking at make their way in proprietary trading it is always recommended that the best course of action is to look at establishing a prop trading internship. 

    As a graduate, coming out the other end of your finance, economics or business degree can be daunting. You may not have the connections, you may not know anyone, and more than likely you have little to no experience.

    Traditionally, finding a role in finance or prop trading, in particular, has not traditionally been about how good you are, but who you are.

    A prop trading internship can be the answer for many young people looking to pave a successful career in the prop trading space.



    Steps to establishing a prop trading internship

    Just like applying for a job, when looking for a prop trading internship you are in competition with a large number of eager potential interns so you need to be on top of your game. Ahead of the application process to be an intern you need to not only know a lot about yourself, skills, your attributes and your weaknesses, but also the market, the industry and the players within it.

    Having a sound understanding of who the key companies in prop trading across Australia and the world for that matter is very important.

    Secondly, don’t be afraid to be knocked back, to think big and go big, you never know which company views your application for a prop trading internship and will call you up – so never discount a firm. Do you want to try overseas? Why not? You want to work for the biggest companies or the smallest boutique prop trading firms – then apply for them all.



    Thirdly, you want to have initiative, you want to show you have an edge and outline to potential employers and internship providers that you can add value to their business.

    How can you show that you have promise to firms offering a prop trading internship?

    Be Proactive. Firstly, you should show that you have been trading, even if it is a simulator account – such as the ASX game or Plus 500. Outline the results of your portfolio; show that you are building your skills before you apply for an internship. 

    Secondly, ensure that you outline what you are doing outside of your schooling to develop yourself personally and professionally. Are you raising money for charity, do you compete in triathlons or play AFL? Firms look for people that are competitive, that are looking to win, that want to help the community and that will be an asset for their prop trading internship program and their firm overall. 

    The key to establishing yourself in the finance world is through a prop trading internship, but don’t think it will be simply handed to you. Just like the world of finance prop trading internships are hotly contested so be sure to know your stuff, know yourself and get ready for success. 

    We welcome you to give our team a call to discuss your investment goals and objectives.

    You can call Walker Capital Australia on +61 2 8076 2210, and we’ll see how we can help you achieve your investment goals.

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