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    Financial Planning - Private Wealth

    Walker Capital Private Wealth (AFSL 436859) is the Financial Planning arm of Walker Capital which consists of a boutique group of high performing Financial Advisors specialising in complex advice. We provide high-income earners with bespoke strategies to maximise their wealth whilst reducing the stress that can arise from managing finances.

    We take great pride in designing custom investment portfolios for clients that deliver on their dreams, goals and objectives. We are completely independent and adopt a performance-based approach. We expect loyalty for nothing but performance which drives our high level of client satisfaction.

    Highly personalised structured products are exclusive to Walker Capital Private Wealth. We focus on absolute returns, active management and capital protection.

    We are a full-service house and have provided expert, holistic financial advice for entrepreneurs, professionals, senior executives and their families, as well as to family offices and boards of charities and businesses.

    • Wealth Creation 
    • Income Generation
    • Tax Efficiency
    • Philanthropy

    We are independent – aligned only to quality advice

    We adopt a research-driven approach to portfolio constructions whilst working with our Advisors to understand how best to service their client’s investment objectives. Our values are deeply rooted in the fundamentals of diversification. We understand advice is not a one size fits all.   In order to tailor advice and effectively diversify risk, our advisors are being empowered to do so.

    We invest heavily into a robust compliance framework to uphold and adapt to the current regulatory environment. The payoff is an advice framework which both instils advisor confidence and ultimately protects the client.

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    At Walker Capital, we are always + 61 2 8076 2210 ready to help and assist you