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Strategic Solutions.

A stable retirement needs an environment of certainty and control. Walker Capital Private Wealth creates a structure offering maximum control while providing a detailed understanding of the ‘why’. 

In order to establish the framework and eventually put together the most appropriate strategic solutions, there are 5 key elements to consider in retirement planning that help connect all the dots:

1. Knowledge Enhancement

  • Understanding the need to plan for retirement
  • When should I start planning?
  • Is it ever too late to get ‘retirement ready’?

2. Getting Ready

  • Debunking the myths about superannuation
  • The best strategies to get ready for retirement

3. Income Planning

  • How much income am I going to need in retirement?
  • Are there ways to enhance my age pension entitlements during retirement?

4. Withdrawal and Investment Strategies

  • I know how much I want, but how do I go about getting it week to week?
  • What is the biggest risk I face in retirement?

5. Estate Planning

  • Who can my super go to and will they pay tax?
  • I have a basic Will, is this sufficient?

If you are within 10 years of retirement, you have the opportunity to commence the 5 keys to retirement planning.

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