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    "This investment opportunity is one of the freshest, exciting and easy to understand initiatives I have come across in a long time. You know what they are doing and where your investment is at any time." Robert DiPierdomenico (Dipper)

    Client Testimonials


    "I have been extremely happy with the service I have received from you and Walker Capital. I was previously with another managed forex investment company and your service has been exceptional compared to my previous experience. Having traded on and off for a few years, forex trading can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive if you do not get it right. Putting into the hands of a professional makes it a lot easier. Your follow up and contact throughout the month ensures that we are both on the same page. The returns have been excellent to date and I look forward to continuing our working relationship." Christine


    "ease of requesting and receiving important advice for consideration by me and my family." Mr and Mrs Rogers


    "I'm happy with the professional approach of Walker Capital ­ transparent account management, timely updates ­ and results have been good." Paul Mortensen

    "I have been working with Walker Capital for a couple of months now and Michael has been very patient in explaining how everything was working at the beginning of our relationship and always  responding to any questions that I may have.  So far the results of Walker capital have been very satisfactory and I hope we will be able to continue working together for a long time. Thank you all for your diligence and care." Brigitte G
    "Over many years I have been approached by many investment advisors and service providers.  They are always keen to sign you up and take your money.  I treat most with great skepticism.  My conversations with the Walker Capital representative were informative, friendly, low pressure and cordial and I decided to invest with them.  The signing on process and setting up the broking account  appeared to me to be far more complex than I would have expected in this day and age.
    "I came across Walker Capital while exploring opportunities to broaden my portfolio to capture the FX market.  Walker Capital addressed my questions and did not pressure me to get started.  I have come to understand that capital preservation is also a core value for Walker Capital, I wholeheartedly accepted the recommendations to ensure that the aggressive strategies represent a small fraction of my MDA portfolio.  Keep up the great work."  Ayoola


    "I have nothing bad to say hence my “topping up” of my account at a faster rate than I anticipated. Actions speak louder than words. I love the ability to contact you on Whats app, and frank simple responses. I don’t want you guys to get too big too quick or offer 100 different packages, stick with what you know and maintain the service. Im hoping this will be a long term relationship" Russell